Thank you teddy bear with Candy set

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・Teddy Bear, T-shirts, and "ありがとう" candy gift set.

・"いつもありがとう" means "Thank you as always" in Japanese.

・There are key chain, so you can bring teddy anywhere.

・It is a handmade candy that carefully made by craftsmen. Made in Japan.

Great choice as a special gift on various occasions. Very popular - Birthday, Valentines Day, Christmas, Mothers Day, Father's Day, Anniversary, Seasons Greetings etc

There are 2 colors, Navy or Pink.

The T-shirts is removable. see more clothes

It will be delivered to you in a clear box.


[Bear] Height 12.5 cm x Width 8 cm x Depth 6.5 cm
* There are individual differences due to the characteristics of the product.
[Box] Height 11 cm x Width 6.5 cm x Depth 5.5 cm


[Bear] Polyester, cotton, plastic, steel (ball chain)
[Artificial flowers] Paper, steel


・ Ingredient names: sugar, starch syrup, citric acid, flavors, coloring agents
・ It is a handmade candy carefully made by craftsmen. (Made in Japan)

 The colors on the screen may look slightly different from the actual ones.

Set contents 

Teddy Bear (wearing T-shirt), 3 thank you candys, clear box

  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 
  •  The clothes are very small, even the fabrics and accessories are very delicate. Please handle with care.

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