About Us

-Put your wish into a teddy bear-

Life With Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Life is the Japanese label by Petit Loup that produces a range of high quality teddy bears and other animals with their costumes since 1969 in Osaka Japan. The president, who had studied fashion design in Tokyo, began creating unique, soft animal sculptures made of quality clothing materials. That is how it all began. Our company name "Petit Loup" was created by combining the words "petit" (small) and "loup" (wolf) from a French dictionary when the president was a student.
Since its foundation, Petit Loup has introduced many teddy bears and other stuffed animals to the world. They are loved by many people regardless of age or gender. In October 1981, Petit Loup Japan opened its own store on Columbus Avenue in New York City, bringing many smiles to New Yorkers and tourists alike. At that time, many unique dolls and stuffed animals were made using clothing materials, which were different from today's fluffy and cute stuffed animals.
We've been creating our pleasing plush products for people with hearts ready to be warmed and softened. We are introducing the Japanese spirit into contemporary life style with new ideas and senses. Our company president designs all of our products and brings each teddy bear and other stuffed animals to life. We continue making our unique products for giving whimsical dreams and we are wishing people to be happy through our products.
Our Commitment
One of the features of our products is to print names and anniversaries on teddy bears to create your own original plush animals. All our custom prints are individually and meticulously made by our expert staff in Japan office.

With a teddy bear, happiness is always near.