Shiromuku, Hakama

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This is a Shiro-Muku for Bride and Hakama for Groom, worn at a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony. It is simple but elegant and made with great attention to detail.

Right: Shiromuku

Left: Hakama

Product details

[Shiromuku] Width:  8cm(3.1inch) / Dress size:  8cm(3.1inch) / Sleeve size:  4cm(1.5inch)
[Hakama] Width: 7cm(2.7inch) / Wearing size: 5cm(1.9inch) / Sleeve size: 4cm(1.5inch) / Waist: 7cm(2.7inch) / Total size: 6.5cm(2.5inch)

Set Contents
Shiromuku or Hakama


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