My Birthday Bunny Baby Gift, Styes & Doll Rattle

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This is the one and only special keepsake with the date of birth and the baby's name printed on the sole of the teddy bear. Cute and palm-sized.

Can be displayed or attached to your belongings with a ball chain. It can be placed anywhere and reminds you of the joy of birth every time you see it.
Includes a cute bear sty and baby rattle.

With cute bunny stylie and baby rattle.
Styes and rattles (rattles) designed with the image of a gentle rabbit. The rattle is a cute and fun baby toy that makes a sound when it falls. The soft, formalin-tested towelling material makes it a safe baby friend for mums and dads. The Sty and Baby Rattle can be washed with normal laundry detergent. (Mini bunnies are not washable).

We will print a name, anniversary date, or short message of your choice. You can choose your special day to print. It will also be a memorial to remember that day.

● 4 types of characters is printable: alphabet / hiragana / katakana / kanji (excluding special kanji).
● Only the first letter of the alphabet is capitalized.
● Maximum number of characters: Alphabet is 8 characters x 2 columns. Hiragana / Katakana / Kanji is 5 characters x 2 lines.
● If the spelling is long, it will be 2 lines. (Example) Upper [Sho] Lower [Taro]
● The date will be written in English in 3lines. From the top, day, month (English), and year.

Product details


[Bunny] 12cm high x 8cm wide x 4.5cm deep
[Sty] 20cm width x 23.5cm length
[Doll Rattle] 9cm width x 14cm height
[Fabric basket] 11cm diameter x 10cm height


[Bunny] Light pink
[Sty-Doll Rattle] Pink


[Bunny] polyester, cotton, plastic, magnet, steel (key chain)
[Styes, doll rattles] cotton.
[Cloth basket] polyester cotton

Set Contents

Bunny with printed soles (right sole: anniversary date/left sole: name), sty, doll rattle and fabric basket.


・Keychain included

・Styes and doll rattles can be washed with normal laundry detergent. (Mascot is not washable).
・Styes and doll rattles are formalin tested.

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