Marron Clothing

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Clothing for Maron, a 20 cm tall teddy bear. Ensure correct size when using for other plush animals.

Marrons are available in hug and petite sizes. These clothes are for small marrons.

Product details

A, [Ballet] Length: 11.5cm, width: 9cm, shoes: 4.5cm
B, [Party Dress]: Length: 13cm, width: 8cm
C, [Cardiganee and Dress] Length: 10cm, width: 10cm, length: 12cm, width: 8cm
D, [Staggered Pattern Dress dress and Bag] Length: 12cm, width: 11.5cm
E, [Blouse and Denim] Blouse Length: 9cm, Body width: 11cm <Denim>Length: 10cm, Waist width: 6cm
F, [Bunny ears poncho] Length: 8cm, hood length: 11cm


  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up.
  • Teddy bears are sold separately. Buy teddy bears 

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