Happy Birthday T-shirt White

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Stylish clothing for cuddly small size soft toys, designed with attention to detail, featuring trends and seasonality. A total of 6 products are available. Dress up your teddy bear and make happy memories together!

This item is a costume only. We recommend that buy it with the bear. 

This product is suitable for 12cm(4.7inch) bears.

Product details


<T-shirt> Length: 7cm(2.7inch), width: 7cm(2.7inch), top width: 3.5cm(1.37inch), sleeve length: 3cm(1.18inch)

Set Contents
T-shirt ("Happy Birthday" print)


  • This item is for 12cm tall bears only. When using it for other purposes, please pay full attention to the size.
  • Because it is a very small garment, even the fabric and accessories are made very delicately. Please handle with care.
  • We don't offer wrapping service even if you purchase teddy bears together with the teddy bears. 

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