Cat Flower Bouquet Gift Box

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A gift box with a cat dressed in clothes and soap flowers. In Japan, the ages of 60, 70, 77, 80, 88, and 90 are celebrated in grand style as the celebration of longevity. Japanese words celebrating each age are printed on the cat's sole.The cat sits on the cushion and the magnet is placed in the cat's hand and in the cushion to provide a stable sitting position. Soapy white roses and hydrangeas are as pretty as fresh flowers but require less care. The white rose, with its flower language of deep respect, is the perfect flower for Mother's Day and birthdays!

Red - the ages of 60

Yellow - the ages of 88

Purple - the ages of 70, 77, 80 and 90

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H12 cm (4.7inch) X W8 cm (3.1inch) X 4.5 cm (1.7inch)


Cats : Polyester, cotton, plastic

Soap flower : soap, plastic *Not for use as soap or bath salts.


  • Each sole has a commemorative longevity celebration print.
  • Soap flowers are made of soap, but are not intended for washing or washing faces. It is for ornamental use only. Please do not put them in your mouth. Petals will stick to each other when wet, so please be careful with water. Please avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may cause discoloration and color loss.


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