Wishing Success Cat

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A winning amulet to wish for those who work hard to achieve their goals.  In Japan, cats, such as beckoning cats, are known as lucky animals. On the sole of the foot is written "必勝" (must win) in Japanese. It was made for people who work hard for exams, auditions, sports, study, etc.

The cat's hands and cushion have built-in magnets for stable sitting. A ball chain is also attached, so the cushion can be removed and used as a key charm.

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Product details


Cat H12 cm (4.7inch) X 8 cm (3.1inch) X 4.5 cm (1.7inch)

Cat    polyester, cotton, plastic, magnet
Cushion    polyester, cotton, magnet


The cat's fur and fur color may vary slightly depending on the time of production.

Set Contents

Cat (with ribbon), cushion, product leaflet, gift box

  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 
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  • Built-in magnets on both hands of the cushion and the cat (for stable sitting).
  • " must win" logo on the sole.
  • Ball chain included.

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