White Kimono Wedding Teddy Bear

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This traditional white kimono, known as Shiromuku, is a popular choice in Japan for weddings, and with its simple yet refined details, it is an excellent symbol of the bride and groom's love. This mascot bear brings joy to the occasion and serves as a lasting reminder of the couple's bond. It is an ideal choice not only for yourself, but also as an anniversary present for parents or a wedding gift for your friends.

It has magnets in both hands and the ability to hold hands with other bears or hold small objects. Includes a simple ball chain. Comes with gift box.


H12 cm(4.7in),  W8 cm (3.1in), D4.5 cm (1.7in) 

The color may look slightly different on the screen and in the actual product. The fur and fur color vary slightly depending on the time of production


Polyester, wadding, plastic, magnet, steel (Key chain)


  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 


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