Wedding couples mini teddy bear with name print

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Personalized teddy bear, design in Japan. A seated wedding bear wearing a tuxedo and dress. This adorable and elegant wedding bear is perfect for a couple who are starting a new chapter in their lives. Both the teddy bear and the outfit are made by our professional staff in Japan with great care and attention to detail.

We will print the "names" on the soles of the two bride and groom bears. Please enter the details to be printed in the input box on the page.

The names can be printed in alphabet, hiragana, katakana or kanji (excluding special characters).
The first letter of the alphabet is capitalised only.
Maximum number of characters: 8 characters x 2 columns for alphabets. Hiragana/katakana/kanji: 5 characters x 2 columns.
If the spelling is longer, two columns will be used. (e.g.) Upper row [Sho], lower row [Taro].
Normally, the groom's bear will be printed on the left leg and the bride's bear on the right leg.

It takes approximately one week from confirmation of payment to delivery.

Product details

Pink beige


【Groom】Sitting Height 13cm(5.1inch)
【Bride】Sitting Height 13cm(5.1inch)

Plastic, Cotton, Satin

  •  The production period will be about one week from the payment confirmation.
  • This is semi-order product, you can not cancel or change once we start production.Please check the contents carefully before purchasing.
  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up.

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