My Birthday Bear FUU

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Huge hits teddy bear! Popular teddy bear now and forever!

We've sold 3.6 million " My Birthday Bear" in last 20 years in Japan.

Our teddy bear is loved by all genders as gifts for yourself or other. You can enjoy going out together by attaching key chain to a bag. Magnets in both FUU's hands so you can enjoy various poses such as putting your hands together or sticking them to the refrigerator.

Only one original. A teddy bear with your name and birthday is like your own alter ego. You can choose your special day to print besides Birthday, such as a wedding anniversary, it will also be a memorial to remember that day.

Safe and high quality! All our stuffed animals are designed in Japan with high quality materials and particularly pay attention to every small details.

Selectable the color from two types in picture below. 


1, Light Yellow

2, Light Pink

No print one is available.

Product details

Height: About 12cm (4.7inch)

Light Yellow / Light Pink

Cotton, magnet (built-in in both hands), plastic eye, ball chain


We will print "Name" on the left sole and "Birthday" on the right sole. Please enter the content to be printed in the box.

● 4 types of characters is printable: alphabet / hiragana / katakana / kanji (excluding special kanji).
● Only the first letter of the alphabet is capitalized.
● Maximum number of characters: Alphabet is 8 characters x 2 columns. Hiragana / Katakana / Kanji is 5 characters x 2 lines.
● If the spelling is long, it will be 2 lines. (Example) Upper [Sho] Lower [Taro]
● The date will be written in English in 3lines. From the top, day, month (English), and year.