Teddy Bear Hina Dolls with Folding Screen Byobu

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Sitting teddy bear hina dolls in a cherry blossom patterned kimono. Hina dolls are decorated to pray for the healthy and happy growth of children, as it is believed that they will take the place of children and protect them from accidents and illnesses.

The gorgeous golden panels included in the set with the bear are called 'byobu', a type of furniture used to divide and decorate a room. In Japan, they used to be an indispensable part of daily life as wind protection and as partitions between spaces.

Product details


Bear H10 cm (3.9inch) 
Folding screen 13.6cm x 24.2cm
Mounting paper (scarlet carpet) 12 x 23 cm

Polyester, cotton, plastic, magnet
Folding screen  paper
Mount (scarlet carpet)    polyester 

  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. When a small child is used, please be sure to use it under the watch of a guardian.
  • Built-in magnets on both bear's hands
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