Teddy Bear Hina Dolls with Case

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Sitting teddy bear hina dolls in a cherry blossom patterned kimono. Hina dolls are decorated to pray for the healthy and happy growth of children, as it is believed that they will take the place of children and protect them from accidents and illnesses.

Comes with a case to protect it from dust and dirt and keep it clean. Gorgeous folding plastic case with gold-lined back. Foldable for compact storage.

Product details


Ohinasama set Seated Height 10cm 
Folding carpet: 14cm x 14cm
Folding case: Height 16cm X Width 15cm X Depth 15cm

Set contents

Ohinasama set (male and female dolls) *Crown and hair ornament are attached separately. Carpet, folding case set (3 pieces: bottom board/top board/side), instruction leaflet

Ohinasama set : Cotton, plastic, magnet
Folded case bottom board/top board : polyester
Folding case bottom/top panel : Plastic
Foldable case back  gold plating : 
plastic sheet

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