Striped T-shirt and Denim Overalls Set

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Treat your plush toy to a fashionable makeover! Our stylish outfits will have them looking their best! This garment is designed for stuffed animals, especially for our teddy bears and other 22-24 cm stuffed animals. If you wish to use it on other plush toys, please check the size in advance. 

Striped T-shirt: Length: 11.5cm(4.5inch), Body width: 12cm(4.7inch), Top width: 6.5cm(2.5inch), Sleeve length: 8cm(3.1inch)
Overalls: Length: 17cm(6.7inch), Body width: 11cm(4.3inch), Width: 8cm(3.1inch), Inseam: 4cm(1.5inch)
Jumper Skirt : Length 14cm(5.5inch), Body width: 12cm(4.7inch)



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