Standing Teddy Bear

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You can customized to make your personal Teddy Bear! Body is easy to move, even small children can easily dress up and play. The neck can be moved left and right. Both hands have magnets embedded in them.

We have cute little frinds, Tb, COCO and KUU, choose your favorite!

TB (left), COCO(center), KUU(right)

Costumes are sold separately.


Height 12 cm x Width 8 cm x Depth 6 cm

* There are individual differences due to product characteristics.


Polyester, cotton, plastic, magnets (built-in in both hands), wires, cardboard


  • Clothes  sold separately.
  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 
  • Even if you purchase Teddy Bear together, we do not offer a service such as dressing up and wrapping. 
  • All teddy bear with keychain.

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