Squishy Stuffed Animals with Bell

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Popular zoo animals are now available as plush toys. Designed to make a gentle bell sound when shaken. The round and fluffy body is very popular with both adults and children.

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Elephant 10 cm (height) X 15 cm (width) X 19 cm (length)
Panda 10 cm (height) X 11 cm (width) X 16 cm (length)
Tapir 10.5 cm (height) X 10 cm (width) X 16 cm (length)
Capybara 10.5 cm (height) X 9.5 cm (width) X 18 cm (length)
* There are individual differences due to the characteristics of the product.


Polyester, Cotton, Plastic


Keep away from fire as it may deform or change in quality.
Do not handle the product roughly as it may cause unexpected injury.
Do not swallow small accessories by mistake.

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