Pink Kimono Set

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On sale on November 11.

2022 Season's Greeting collection. Stylish clothing for cuddly dolls, designed with attention to detail, featuring trends and seasonality. A total of 6 products are available. Dress up your teddy bear and make happy winter memories together!

This item is a costume only. We recommend that buy it with the bear. 

This product is suitable for 12cm(4.7inch) bears.

Product details

<Kimono>Length: 9cm(3.5inch), width: 7cm(2.7inch), top width: 3cm(1.18inch), sleeve length: 3cm(1.18inch)
<Shawl>Length: 20cm(7.8inch)

Set Contents
Kimono & Shawls


  • This item is for 12cm tall bears only. When using it for other purposes, please pay full attention to the size.
  • Please note that the return of items due to wrong size or image will be at the customer's convenience, and the customer will be responsible for the shipping and handling fee. 
  • Because it is a very small garment, even the fabric and accessories are made very delicately. Please handle with care.
  • We don't offer wrapping service even if you purchase teddy bears together with the teddy bears. 

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