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Bring good luck and blessings, give a heartfelt gift to a pregnant loved one - Safe Delivery Prayer Cat - it's cute, soothing, and heartwarming. Designed with a Japanese message "Safe Delivery" on the foot, this cute white kitten wishes for an easy delivery. Perfect for gifting after the 5th month of pregnancy. In Japan, cats, such as Maneki-neko, are recognized as fortunate creatures. The cat's hands and cushion have built-in magnets for stable sitting. 

Personalize by printing a name, message, or anniversary on the sole of the plush. 


Product details


H12 cm (4.7inch) X 8 cm (3.1inch) X 4.5 cm (1.7inch)

Cat    polyester, cotton, plastic, magnet
Cushion    polyester, cotton, magnet

Set Contents

Cat (with ribbon), cushion, product leaflet, gift box

  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 
  • Please add gift wrapping here.
  • If you choose personalization, please note that it takes about one week to dispatch your order.
  • Built-in magnets on both hands of the cushion and the cat (for stable sitting).
  • Pray for a safe delivery" logo on the sole.
  • Ball chain included.


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