Kimono Wedding Couple Teddy Bear

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This Bride & Groom Teddy Bear is adorned with a detailed, small kimono, traditionally worn at a Japanese wedding. All components are of the highest quality guaranteed. Built-in magnets in the palms of the bear allows it to clasp hands or take on any other pose desired. The accompanying set includes a 'byobu' panel, and a special gift box, complete with elegant gift wrapping paper. The cushion, with an embedded magnet providing secure attachment, holds the teddy bear in place.


Bear : Height 12 cm(4.7in) X Width 8 cm (3.1in) X Depth 4.5 cm (1.7in)
Folding screen : H 13.6 cm (5.3in) X W 24.2 cm (9.5in)
Mounting paper (scarlet carpet) : 12cm(4.7in) x 23 cm(9in)

Wedding Bear : cotton, plastic, magnet
Folding screen : paper
Mount (scarlet carpet) : polyester 


  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. When a small child is used, please be sure to use it under the watch of a guardian.
  • Please add gift wrapping here.
  • Built-in magnets on both hands of the cushion and bear (for stable sitting).


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