Kimono Teddy Bear

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This cute fluffy teddy bear is wearing japanese traditional clothes it is called "Kimono".

It was  designed particularly pay attension to every small details and it was made of highest quality and safe materials and great craftsmanship. 

When you hold it, you'll never let it go beauce it is extremely soft!!


・Selectable flowers print on right  feet.

Clothes are removable.

・Joint on the neck.

High quality teddy bear design in Japan.


Sitting Height 16 cm(6.3inch) x width 18 cm (7inch) x depth 12 cm(4.7inch)


Cotton, Plastic

Set content

Teddy Bear, Circular pedestal (made by paper)

  • Clothes is removable.
  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. There are small parts (ball chain, magnet obtained, etc.), so be careful when a small child is used it.
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