Japanese Message Teddy Bear

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It's a little embarrassing to say directly, "Thank you for everything, I love you." Then why not leave it to a teddy bear? 

A stand-type teddy bear that can stand on its own without support, which is rare for teddy bears.

The perfect teddy bear for Grandparent's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and other anniversaries to show your gratitude for all the good things you do, with "Thanks for always, I love you" printed in Japanese on the T-shirt.

Ribbons, with their meaning of bonds and promises, are said to symbolise the connection between people.

Product details


Bear  24cm high x 20cm wide x 10cm deep
*Each bear is handmade, so there may be slight individual differences.


Yellow or ivory
The colour may look slightly different on the screen and in real life. Please be aware of this.


[Bear] polyester, cotton, plastic
[T-shirt] polyester

Set Content

1 bear wearing a message T-shirt

  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 
  • T-shirt can be removed.


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