Japanese Kimono Cat Dolls, Hina Dolls

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Welcome home this exquisite kimono cat doll. Display it to wish for a safe and peaceful life for your child. With magnets in its hands, it can hold hands and take delightfully cute poses! Crafted to perfection, the clothes are as detailed and beautiful as those worn by humans. No kimono-tying skills needed; you can easily dress and undress your little friend.

Bring a unique touch of Japanese culture and luck to your home with these beautiful hina dolls, featuring a traditional plum kimono pattern for protection from evil and nobility. Said to bring happiness, these kimono cat dolls make a great addition to any space.

Product details


H24 cm(9.4inch) W36 cm(14inch) D12 cm(4.7inch)


Cat ornament body : polyester, acrylic cotton, magnet, glass pellets, paper
Kimonos : polyester, synthetic leather
Pedestal :  Paper

Set Content

Male Hina (Neko decoration, Hitoe, Hakama, Scepter, Crown), Female Hina (Neko decoration, Junihitoe, Kosode, Hakama, Hinoki Fan), 2 pedestals, instruction leaflet


  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 

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