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This unique and cute gift is perfect for children, friends &  teachers. The bouquet is made from a combination of artificial and dried flowers, so no maintenance is required and it will last a long time. Bunnytail grass and solar roses are used in the bouquet. Make your own original teddy bear with a personalized print on its sole. It provide a fun and thoughtful way to express warm feelings.

Notes on personalized printing

  • Item can be personalized as your select "Personalization".
  • Alphabet, number or Japanese is printable.
  •  Maximum number of characters: Alphabet and number are 8 characters x 2 columns. Japanese is 5 characters x 2 lines.
  • Font is different for Japanese.
  • If you choose personalization, please note that it takes about one week to dispatch your order.

Bear: Height 35 cm(13.7in), Seat height 23 cm(9in) x width 20 cm(7.8in), depth 19 cm(7.4in)
Bouquet: Height 20cm(7.8in)  x width 11cm(4.3in) x depth 6cm(2.3in)
Box: Height 23.5cm(9.2in) x width 17.7cm(6.9in) x depth 17.7cm(6.9in)

Bear: polyester, cotton, plastic, foam beads, steel (ball chain)
Bouquet: Artificial flowers, dried flowers


  • Dried flowers are very sensitive as they are natural materials. Please note that may lose their shape during shipping.
  • Water may cause color fading. Avoid storing in high temperature and humidity
  • Clothing is available. View more
  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 


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