Fully Jointed Movable Teddy Bear

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Classic but new teddy bears. It has joints in the neck, legs, and arms, and can stand firmly on its own two feet, and can hold something with its hands because of the magnets embedded in its hands. It was made with our unique technology.

Since our founding in 1969, we have created countless teddy bears. We make them with the same dedication and attention to detail in materials, sewing, and finishing, with the hope that you will adore them as part of your family.

Clothing is also available.


Height 22cm(8.6inch) x Width 15cm(5.9inch) *with arms extended, x Depth 9cm(3.5inch) *nose to back of head, Seat height 17cm(6.6inch)


Polyester, cotton, plastic, magnet


Gold or Beige


  • If you wish to put your name on the other sole, please be sure to purchase the sole print option together.
  • Please note that it takes about one week from the confirmation of your payment to the delivery date if you apply for the sole print option.
  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up.
  • When wearing the costume (sold separately), the range of motion of the arms and legs may be limited. Please understand this beforehand.

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