Flower Glass Dome with Teddy Bear tete

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A tete bear holding a miniature bouquet of artificial flowers in each hand is contained in a glass dome. A great gift for birthdays, Mother's Day, anniversaries and Christmas.

Personalised 12-month gift with a choice of birthstone colours. The birthstone and birthstone name are printed on the sole of the tete. Their ears are covered with birthstone crystals in their birthstone colour and their neck is covered with a ribbon matching their birthstone colour.

It is said that wearing the birthstone colour brings happiness.

The flowers come in a total of four colours to match the ribbon colour. The colour combination of the bear and flowers cannot be changed.

January, July and October - Red

February, April, June  - Purple

March, September, December  - Blue

May, August, November  - Green, Orange

The glass lid can be removed from the cork, but the cork and bear are fixed and cannot be removed.
The Bear has magnets in both hands, which hold the mini bouquet but can be removed.

Considering that the bear is purchased as a gift, it is delivered in a gift box so that it can be handed over as is.

Product details


[Cork glass] H12cm x W9.5cm


Red ribbon / purple ribbon / blue ribbon / green ribbon.


[Cork glass] Cork lid, glass.
[Bear] cotton, cotton, plastic, magnet, crystal
[Mini bouquet] paper, wire


  • Tete Bear
  • Right sole: "birth month" and "birthstone name" printed on the sole.
  • With birthstone-coloured crystals in her ears.
  • Holding a mini bouquet in both hands.
  • Please note that the birthstone-coloured crystals are not natural stones.
  • The bear is glued to the cork lid. The bear is glued to the cork lid and cannot be removed.
  • Please handle with care as this is a glass product.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and over. 

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