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Flower gift with a teddy bear holding a bouquet. Features not found on other teddy bears are small magnets embedded in the cheeks and hands, so they can hold a bouquet or make cute poses with their hands on their cheeks! A classic teddy bear with a fluffy appearance like the teddy bears that have been loved by people for a long time.

Bouquets are a mix of artificial and dried flowers using bunny tail grass and solar rose. It does not require water, making it long-lived and easy to manage.
Great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, as a wedding gift, and various other gift occasions.

Personalized teddy bear
Personalize your gift by printing a name, message, or anniversary on the sole of the teddy bear. Click here and add the print option.

Product details


Bear : H18 cm (7inch) X W12 cm (4.7inch) X D13 cm (5.1inch)
Bouquet :  H20 cm (7.8inch) X W11 cm (4.3inch) X D6 cm (2.3inch)
Wrapping : H20 cm (7.8inch) X W15 cm (5.9inch) X D15 cm (5.9inch)


Bears : Polyester, cotton, plastic, magnets
Bouquet : Artificial flowers, dried flowers


  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 
  • Built-in magnets on both hands and metal plates on cheeks of Bear
  • Water may cause color fading.
  • Please note that dried flowers are sensitive materials and may lose their shape during shipping.
  • If you add prints, it takes about one week from the confirmation of payment to the delivery.

 Dress them up with different outfits (sold separately) for a complete look!

KUU & FUU Bear Clothes

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