Floating Teddy Bear, Bath toy

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Turn bathtime into funtime with our Floating Teddy Bear! This cuddly plush toy is designed to keep kids engaged and ensure a delightful bath experience. 

It features a weighted bottom and a ball-filled top that allows it to remain moderately submerged in hot water. The delicate balance of features creates an adorable image of a teddy bear taking a bath. Crafted from drainable materials, this toy can be safely washed with body soap or shampoo, providing your child with a realistic care experience. This bear is constructed from a machine-washable, quick-drying material, eliminating the risk of mold growth if the toy is washed and dried according to the included handling instructions. If using a washing machine, it must be done with a washing net and the toy must be sufficiently dried.

A cozy bathrobe and delicate washing net are both included in the set. This product comes pre-packaged in a charming gift box, offering convenient gifting options.

 Product details

Height 18 cm (7inch) x Width 18 cm (7inch) x Depth 10 cm (3.93inch)

Body / Mouth / Nose: 100% polyester
Hands / soles: 100% nylon
Eyes: plastic
Bear cotton: 100% polyester
Floating ball: polystyrene
Weight: Glass pellets
Bathrobe: 100% cotton

Set Content
teddy bear, bathrobe, dedicated washing net , product description leaflet in Japanese. 
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  • Please note that the color may transfer to other products. When washing it, please handle it separately from other items, especially dark ones. We recommend washing it alone.
  • Avoid using bleach and detergents containing bleach.
  • The color may fade if left wet, so please dehydrate and hang dry immediately after washing.  Avoid using a dryer.
  • Keep fire away.
  • Use only after testing a portion of the product with shampoo or body soap before use. Rinse thoroughly after use.
  •  Avoid using bath salts.
  •  Due to the characteristics of the material, fluff may fall off. We recommend that you wash it with water before using it.
  • Do not put it in your mouth.
  •  Target age : 8 years and up. 

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