60th Birthday Teddy Bear with Case

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Celebrate the special 60-year milestone with this exclusively designed teddy bear. This adorable bear comes with a red vest and cushion for stable sitting. Case set to protected from dust and dirt, it has an amazing look. On the sole of its right foot is written "Celebration of the 60th birthday" in Japanese. Surprise your loved one with this extraordinary gift!

It has been a tradition in Japan for family members and relatives to give red hoods, chanchankos(vest), and cushions to those celebrating the 60th birthday to celebrate their good health and longevity.

Product details


Bear : 12cm(4.7in) x Width 8cm(3.1in) x Depth 4.5cm(1.7in)
Cushion : approx. 8 x 8 cm(3.1in)
Carpet : 11.5cm x 11.5cm(4.5in)
Folding case : Width 12 cm(4.7in) x Depth 12 cm(4.7in) x Height 16 cm


Bear : Polyester, wadding, plastic, magnets
Cushion : Cotton, velour fabric, magnet
Carpet : Polyester
Case : Plastic

Set Contents

Bear (wearing a chanchanko and hat), cushion, case, carpet

1, Lay out the red mats and fit the sides of the case along the grooves of the bottom plate. 

2, Set the teddy bear sitting on the cushion inside the case.

3, Insert the top of the case into the groove on the top panel.


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