Floating Teddy Bear and Costume Set

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 Floating Teddy Bear, which can get wet and looks adorable floating in the bathtub! lt is made of drainable material and can actually be washed with body soap and shampoo. This cuddly bear is designed to keep kids engaged and have a delightful bath experience!

This teddy bear features a weighted bottom and a ball-filled top that allows it to remain moderately submerged in hot water. The delicate balance of features creates an adorable image of a teddy bear taking a bath. This bear is constructed from a washable, quick-drying material, eliminating the risk of mold growth if the toy is washed and dried according to the included handling instructions. If using a washing machine, it must be done with a washing net and the toy must be sufficiently dried.

It is includes a bathrobe, overalls, and a convenient washing net, all conveniently contained in an eye-catching gift box. Perfect for at-home fun, this set is sure to thrill your child.

Product details

Height 18 cm (7inch) x Width 18 cm (7inch) x Depth 10 cm (3.93inch)

Body / Mouth / Nose: 100% polyester
Hands / soles: 100% nylon
Eyes: plastic
Bear cotton: 100% polyester
Floating ball: polystyrene
Weight: Glass pellets
Bathrobe: 100% cotton

Set Contents
teddy bear, bathrobe, overalls, dedicated washing net, product description leaflet in Japanese. 
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  •  Please note that the color may transfer to other products. When washing it, please handle it separately from other items, especially dark ones. We recommend washing it alone.
  • Avoid using bleach and detergents containing bleach.
  • The color may fade if left wet, so please dehydrate and hang dry immediately after washing.  Avoid using a dryer.
  • Keep fire away.
  • Use only after testing a portion of the product with shampoo or body soap before use. Rinse thoroughly after use.
  •  Avoid using bath salts.
  •  Due to the characteristics of the material, fluff may fall off. We recommend that you wash it with water before using it.
  • Do not put it in your mouth.
  •  Target age : 8 years and up. 


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