Happy Wedding Teddy Bears

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The Happy Wedding Teddy Bears is the thoughtful and unique way to express your best wishes to a special couple on their big day. It features magnets in both hands, allowing it to hold a mini bouquet or clasp hands with another bear. This bride's bear holding a mini bouquet in blue, bringing a "something blue" spell for happiness. Its cute design serves as a charming mascot at the reception, or as a memorable congratulatory gift. The fluffy silhouette of this wedding dress is of the highest quality. The tuxedo is an elegant gray color. This costume gives a feeling of great happiness in a small world. Let your blessing be a reminder of the perfect union between two people, celebrating a lifetime of happiness.

Personalize your gift by printing a name, message, or anniversary on the sole of the plush. Click here and add the print option.

Product details


Height 12 cm(4.7in)  X Width 8 cm (3.1in) X Depth 4.5 cm (1.7in) 


Polyester, cotton, plastic, magnet