Staff's Favorite: Kimono Baby Teddy Bears

Hello, bear lovers! Let me introduce you to some of the favorite teddy bears among our staff!

This bear is normally dressed in a kimono and has a festive vibe, but it's shockingly cute without it too. Play with and touch this fluffy toy!

Kimono Teddy Bear

Fluffy Teddy Bear


As its name suggests, it has a round, baby-like body shape. This special bear is not only cute, but can tilt its head and change its angle. The dull eyes and the straight line of the nose and eyes make them appear more baby-like? Truly adorable!

Baby Teddy Bear

As a bear with a large head and small body, it is limited in the clothes it can wear, but we do have some available!

Baby teddy bear and clothing

Boa Pullover

Baby teddy bear and clothing

Striped Gown Dress

Thanks for sticking around untill the end of this blog! We hope you welcome them as new family members to your home or as celebratory gifts to your friends, family.

Fluffy Teddy Bear

See you soon in the next blog!