Bath Toy Teddy Bear : Essentials For Happy Bath Time!

We know how it feels when kids cry and hate taking baths. That's why we created a teddy bear that can play in the bathtub to make bath time more enjoyable.
I hope it reaches parents worldwide with bath-hating or fearful children!

Bath toy teddy bear
Small children love taking things into the bath, don't they? But with this teddy bear, they can actually bathe with it! They'll feel thrilled, like they're breaking the rules...!
Floating Teddy Bear - as the name implies, it's made to float gracefully so it won't get bogged down or sink with water. The bear floats in the bathtub with a ball in its face and weighted buttocks for perfect immersion. It's so cute and comforting♡
Floating teddy bear
This bear is made of an easy-to-dry material that can be washed in the machine and with body soap in the bath. When washing, use the provided laundry net. Wash thoroughly after use to remove all foam before drying.
Floating Teddy Bear, Bath toy
It can be used not only as a bath toy, but also as an educational toy for children to learn the importance of washing their bodies. As a bath toy, it's fun for kids and adults alike! Have a fun bath time with your family!