What's inside a teddy bear? Everything is made by hand.

Hello, bear lovers!

What kind of teddy bear do you prefer: soft and cuddly or slightly firm?

We have a wide variety of teddy bears, but have you ever wondered what are hidden inside these cuddly companions? Our bears are filled with voluminous acrylic wadding, but we utilize two primary varieties of wadding.

The left in the picture is slightly sticky touch, and is usually tightly packed and secure. The other is resilient touch and filled in small amounts. Our dedicated team at the factory hand-stuffs each bear to create a truly special teddy bear. Our bears are meticulously crafted to amplify their charm and adorableness.

Another thing we often use is "pellets". Made of glass, it adds weight and creates a chunky or heavy feeling. Can be used to improve sitting or stability, or in the limbs of bears.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these adorable bears come to life. We would be happy if you could remember it when you hold our bears.

Thank you for your continued support for Petit-Loup and the bears♡