The Origin Of the Company Name "Petit Loup" And Our History

Hello, teddy bear lovers! I'd like to share the origin of our company name, Petit Loup, and our history. Enjoy with tea and a bear by your side!

Sometimes we are asked, "Hey, what does Petit Loup mean?" And even though most of the products we sell are teddy bears, what is in the company logo? Wolf? The name Petit Loup may spark your curiosity. 

Teddy Bear Life by Petit Loup

"Even the unliked wolf in the story will always have a lovable guy!" 

The president, who had a yearning for France and the West, pulled out a French dictionary and thought about it this way and that. In fact, our company name "Petit Loup" was created by combining the words "petit" (small) and "loup" (wolf) from a French dictionary when the president was a student.
"Petit Loup" sounds very cute, doesn't it?

After he graduated fashion school, he created children's wear as 'Petite Loup'. He also designed haute couture clothes for a neighbor's daughter. Later, stuffed animals made from clothing materials appeared, such as the Check Ducks (1970), marking the birth of Petit Loup, a manufacturer of stuffed toys.
Unique dolls and stuffed animals made, different from today's fluffy and cute ones. Here are a few!
Full of personality! Each doll is designed and lovingly crafted by our president, Osada. Our catchphrase is "Ribbons of love for hearts to hearts", reflecting our passionate and inspiring production of dolls and miscellaneous goods at Petit Loup. There was a period of time in October 1981 when the store was located on Columbus Avenue in New York City.
Petit Loup Japan
For the past half century, we've been dedicated to sharing the joy and magic of stuffed toys. We continue to move forward, led by our president, Osada, who constantly brings fresh ideas to the table and inspires all of our employees.
We are extremely joyful to be able to share the magic and love of stuffed animals with all of you from all over the world through our creations.Hoping you cherish your teddy bears and stuffed animals and enjoy them for years to come♡

Thank you for reading!