Teddy Bears With Kimono Clothes

Teddy bears dressed in kimono have become one of our most popular items, enjoyed by many regardless of the season. Each kimono bear has its own unique meaning and incorporates elements of Japanese culture, which we hope you'll find fascinating. Let us introduce a few of them to you.

White Kimono Wedding Teddy Bear
When it comes to traditional Japanese wedding attire, the kimono is often chosen. Made entirely in white, this woven garment is favored by many couples. The bride's hat, originally designed to shield her face from anyone except the groom until the end of the ceremony, serves as a notable accessory. Capture your memories with our wedding bears that incorporate a touch of Japanese tradition.

Hinadoll Teddy Bear
"Hinamatsuri" is a traditional Japanese event where families, especially those with daughters, decorate "Hina dolls" on March 3rd every year. These dolls are adorned with the hope of protecting children from harm and illness and wishing for their future happiness and successful marriage. 
Kimono Clothes For Small Plush Toys
Our popular Little Bear series offers a wide variety of clothes and accessories, making dressing up a fun activity. Among these outfits, we have several kimono options for them. These clothes are designed for our 12 cm plush toys, but many customers also enjoy dressing their own plush toys with them, which makes us very happy. 


What did you think? We hope you found our plush toys interesting. We have many other unique products inspired by Japanese culture and traditions that we look forward to introducing in future blog posts. Thank you for reading all the way through.