Teddy Bear KUU Overalls

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High quality teddy bear design in Japan. It is a gift for yourself, friends and family, and is great for all occasions. The name "Kuu" comes from the meaning "the big sky that spreads out forever". In Japanese, the word "空" means sky and is read as "kuu".

KUU can be posed in a variety of poses and is very expressive. The reason is the magnets and metal plates hidden inside. This is our speciality, which other companies' teddy bears do not have. Plus, there's a joint in the neck, so it twirls around!

The overalls are detachable. Other clothes can be put on.


Height 24 cm x Width 12 cm x Depth 10 cm (Sitting height 18 cm)


Teddy Bear KUU, Costume


Polyester, cotton, plastic, magnet.


  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up.