Teddy Bear KUU Overalls

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Teddy bears make an ideal present for your family members, friends or yourself, adding a cherished touch to any environment. The Teddy Bear KUU Overalls are designed with superior craftsmanship and are a thoughtful present for family and friends, suitable for any celebration. The product takes its name from the Japanese word "Kuu" - which translates to "ever-expanding sky".

There are metal plates embedded in the ears, cheeks, mouth, and chest, and both hands contain magnets so they can be sticked together. Additionally, its neck joint enables the bear to rotate its head. The overalls can be removed and swapped out for other garments.

Personalize by printing a name, message, or anniversary on the sole of the plush. Click here and add the print option.


Height 24 cm(9.4in), Width 12 cm(4.7in), Depth 10 cm(3.9in), Sitting height 18 cm(7in)


Polyester, cotton, plastic, magnet.


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