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New boyish clothing collection for little stuffed animals. There are four new items in all, each containing three items. Can be freely coordinated with other clothes! Every item is carefully created using premium materials. It arrives in a package with a small hanger that makes it an ideal present. Capture the perfect plushie snapshot.

Teddy bears are sold separately. Buy a teddy bear with it

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<Hoodie>Length: 8cm(3.1inch), Body width: 7.5cm(2.9inch), Top width: 5cm(1.9inch), Sleeve length: 4cm(1.5inch)
<Pants>Length: 6cm(2.3inch), waist width: 5cm(1.9inch), gusset: 4cm(1.5inch), inseam: 3.5cm(1.3inch)
<Vest: Length: 8cm(3.1inch), Body width: 7.5cm(2.9inch), Top width: 4cm(1.5inch)

Set Contents

Hoodies, pants, vests


  • We do not provide services such as dressing or wrapping the bears even purchased with it.
  • This item is for our 12cm tall bear. Please pay attention to the size when using it for other purposes.
  • Please note that returns due to wrong size or wrong image will be at the customer's convenience, and the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost.
  • As these are very small pieces of clothing, even the fabrics and accessories are made very delicately. Please handle with care.

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