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High quality teddy bear design in Japan. Creating a beautiful keepsake bears. Cute and unique gifts for every age and every memory. Photo and message will be printed on T-shirts teddy's wearing.


 Cute gifts on various occasions. Very popular - Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays, Seasons Greetings etc

It stands independently so it can be placed in various places.

A little gift for you. We will deliver it in a special box. (free)

After completing the purchase procedure, please email us with the orderer's name and attached a picture to info-01@teddybearlife.jp 

* It takes about one week from payment confirmation to delivery.

*For images with portrait rights, please confirm the license with the right holder.

Product details


Height 22 cm, Width15 cm (arms spread), Depth approx. 9 cm (from nose to back of head)
Sitting height 17 cm


Colors may look slightly different on the screen than on the actual product. 

[Bear] Cotton, polyester, plastic
[T-shirt] Polyester

  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up.When a small child is used, there are small parts (ball chain, magnet obtained, etc.), so be sure to monitor it under the watch of a guardian.
  •  This is semi-order product, you can not cancel or change once we start production.