Pink Bunny Baby Gift Set

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Gift set of a rabbit design with three rattles of different sizes and a bib. Suitable for babies and toddlers. The high absorbency Toweling Fabric has tested Formalin-free, to guarantee a secure item for babies to place in their mouths. A perfect Newborn gift.

Wrist Rattle - Beads are included, which can be attached to the arms or legs, allowing for sound-making play even if the baby is not yet able to grasp them.

Doll/Ring Rattle - Inside is a bell for amusement, and it doubles as a plush toy.

Product details


Wrist Rattle : Width 9cm(3.5inch),  Height 14cm(5.5inch)

Ring/Doll Rattle : Width 9cm(3.5inch),  Height 14cm(5.5inch)

Baby Bib : Length 23.5cm(9.2inch), width 20cm(7.8inch)


Cotton, rubber, plastic, beads, felt


  • Formalin tested product. 
  • Can be washed.
  • Since rattles contain bells and beads inside, please wash them by hand gently. Please do not use a washing machine or dryer for rattles.
  • Add gift wrapping service

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