Personalized Lucky Charms Cat for Mom and Baby

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Stuffed cat for safe delivery, a gift for mother and baby in the belly. On the soles of its feet are the words for safe delivery in Japanese. We will print the name of your choice on the soles of the cat, such as mom and dad, baby, etc. You can make a special gift that is one and only in the world.

The cat's hands and cushion have built-in magnets for stable sitting. A ball chain is also attached, so the cushion can be removed and used as a key charm.

If you don't need your name printed, click here to see this product.

Products are packaged in a cute box ready to give as a gift as is!

About Name Print

We can print a name, anniversary date, short message, or anything else you like on the sole of the teddy bear. If you choose a special date such as a birthday, anniversary, or event to be printed, it will become a precious reminder of that day.

Please enter the content you wish to print up to the character limit.

  • The names can be printed in alphabet, hiragana, katakana or kanji (excluding special characters).
  • The first letter of the alphabet is capitalised only.
  • Maximum number of characters: 8 characters x 2 columns for alphabets. Hiragana/katakana/kanji: 5 characters x 2 columns.
  • If the spelling is longer, two columns will be used. (e.g.) Upper row [Sho], lower row [Taro].
  • It takes approximately one week from confirmation of payment to delivery.

Product details


H12 cm (4.7inch) X 8 cm (3.1inch) X 4.5 cm (1.7inch)

Cat    polyester, cotton, plastic, magnet
Cushion    polyester, cotton, magnet


Set Contents

Cat (with ribbon), cushion, product leaflet, gift box

  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 
  •  The production period will be about one week from the payment confirmation.
  • This is semi-order product, you can not cancel or change once we start production. Please check the contents carefully before purchasing.
  • Please add gift wrapping here.
  • Built-in magnets on both hands of the cushion and the cat (for stable sitting).
  • Pray for a safe delivery" logo on the sole.
  • Ball chain included.

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