My Birthday Teddy Bear TB Friends

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Teddy Bear TB Friends is the perfect gift for any occasion! A message can be printed on both soles of the teddy bear within the character limit. Both hands are equipped with magnets, which can be used in any way, such as holding hands, attaching to objects, or attaching to the refrigerator. Made with attention to detail, this plush toy is of high quality and safety. Let's dress them in special clothes and enjoy coordinating them! See more Clothes.

● 4 types of characters is printable: alphabet / hiragana / katakana / kanji (excluding special kanji).
● Only the first letter of the alphabet is capitalized.
● Maximum number of characters: Alphabet is 8 characters x 2 columns. Hiragana / Katakana / Kanji is 5 characters x 2 lines.

Product details


Height 12cm(4.7inch) x width 8cm(3.1inch) x depth 6cm(2.3inch)


Polyester, cotton, plastic, magnet, steel (ball chain)


  • It takes about one week from the confirmation of payment to the delivery. Once the order is made, it cannot be cancelled or changed. Please check the contents carefully before applying.
  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 
  • Other clothes can be fitted.

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