【Left】Kissing Penguins Alphabet N to Z

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This mascot is a penguin with initials on its chest. There is a magnet in the tip of the beak so you can kiss the penguin on the right. The right penguin is sold separately. A removable carabiner hook is included.

Penguins are said to be a motif that brings luck in love because once becomes a couple, they remain together for the rest of their lives and have a deep bond with each other. A great gift idea for couples!

Product details


Height 12cm(4.7inch) x Width 9cm(3.5inch) x Depth 6cm(2.3inch)


Cotton, wadding, magnets, plastic


  • Built-in magnet in beak
  • Carabiner hook included
  • The magnets on the beak will only stick to the right and left pairs. Please note that right and right pairs and left and left pairs do not stick together.
  • Ages 8 years old and up.

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