Japanese summer clothes "Jinbei" for girls

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Design in Japan. High quality costume with great craftsmanship and attention to details.

This is a traditional Japanese woman's summer clothing called "Jinbei".

※ Teddy bear is sold separately


Product Details

Top-length: 6.5cm(2.5inch) Width: 7cm(2.7inch) Distribution: 3cm(1.2inch) Shoulder width: 6cm(
Bottoms Length: 5cm(1.9inch) West Width: 4.5(1.7inch) Increase: 2cm(0.7inch) Thickness of thigh : 4.5cm(1.7inch)


  • This is costume for height 12 cm Teddy Bear (4S)
  • Suggested Age: 8 years and up. 
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