60th Birthday Cat with Byobu Folding Screen

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To the people born in 1963! In Japan, the age of 60 is called Kanreki and celebrated in a grand way. The custom is to send a red Chanchanko(vest) to celebrate your 60th birthday. One of the charms of this teddy bear is its compact size, which can be displayed in your room.

On the right sole is written "Celebration of the 60th birthday" in Japanese, and on the left sole is written the Chinese zodiac. You can choose from rabbit (2023), tiger (2022), or cow (2021) as your zodiac sign.

Born in 1963 - Rabbit 卯

Born in 1962 - Tiger 寅

Born in 1961 - Cow 丑

There is a gorgeous golden screen, decorated with auspicious' pine, bamboo and plum 'and carpet. Please let it sit on the red mat.

The gift bag can be packed intact in a pure red gift box with special gift wrapping paper.

Product details


Cat 12 cm (height) x 8 cm (width) x 4.5 cm (depth)
Gold folding screen 13.6 x 24.2cm
Red carpet 12 x 23 cm.


Cat Polyester, wadding, plastic, magnets
Folding screen Paper
Red carpet Polyester

Set Contents

Cat (wearing a chanchanko and hood), cushion, folding screen, mount (scarlet carpet)


  • Built-in magnets on the seat cushion and on both hands of the Cat (for stable sitting).
  • The words "Congratulations on your 60th birthday" in Japanese and the zodiac sign of the person celebrating their 60th birthday are printed on the sole of the foot.

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