How To Taking Care Of Your Teddy Bear

Hello bear lovers!

Do your teddy bears and stuffed animals get dusty and dirty at home? We have many bears and they can collect dust that goes unnoticed, hidden by their fluffy fur.
Our bears are basically not washable. To clean our bears, use a damp towel with diluted neutral detergent or brush off dust. Avoid washing bears with cardboard soles or bears with wires or joints to prevent damage and rust.

It is also safe to avoid washing bears with magnets in water.. but If necessary, try this method with caution.

Take care of your teddy bear
First, remove dust.
Washing your teddy bear
Then, wash gently in warm water with fashionable clothing detergent. Avoid excessive scrubbing in heavily stained areas. Thoroughly rinse inside by gently pushing and washing to eliminate all foam.
Washing your teddy bear
After rinsing, press firmly between towels to remove water. Please avoid squeezing or rubbing too hard! This can damage the cotton. Press firmly instead to prevent mold. Press firmly instead to prevent mold. 
Drying your teddy bear
Dry carefully and gently without using a dehydrator or hair dryer. If you do, the fur will become rough and dry. After washing, dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place rather than in direct sunlight. Fresh drying can cause mold and odor, so please be sure to hang it until it is thoroughly dry inside. 

How about it? Feel free to refer to it when needed♡
Thank you for reading!